PARTICIPANT / Shailendra Kumar

  • Name Shailendra Kumar
  • Country India
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

Shailendra Kumar is an artist, photographer, a traveller who has been truly following his passion for more than 3 decades and have been a source of inspiration for many. He hails from Bihar which is a cultural rich state of India. He is a well known figure in Indian photography community. He also has fine skills in drawing which could be seen in his works. Caputures by Shailendra straddle the lines of picture and painting. His attention to details between the subject and their environment appears seamless and looking at the picture, viewers can relive the moment in which image was captured. His wife Archna who is also a renowned artist has been constantly supporting him with his works. He has be awarded the prestigious ‘Bihar Kala Samman’ by CM of Bihar. His works have been exhibited in biennales in countries like Lithuania, Austria, Greece and he has also been a part of International workshops like ‘Khoj’ and ‘Buddha Enlightened’. He is also a collector of antique photography equipments of which it includes a rare plate camera from World War II era.

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