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  • Name Rucha Kulkarni

2009 -2013   M.A. INDOLOGY, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune India
2009-2011   M.V.A. ART HISTORY, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India
2003-2008   B.F.A. PAINTING, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Fine Arts, Affiliated to University of Pune, India

2017   ‘Towards Resistance’ a curated exhibition at TIFA working studios, Pune, India
2015   ‘The Non-Diplomatic Discourse’, Video Installation, at ‘Refracting Room’ KHOJ Pune    International Artist residency, Pune India
2015   ‘Resonating to the last echoes’, sculptural Installation, Pune Biennale 2015, Pune
2008   Print Exhibition, Art2day Gallery, Pune, India
2007   ‘Variation 07’ Painting Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy Regional Centre, Chennai, India
2006   A group exhibition organized by Chitari Academy, Pune, India
2005   A group Exhibition of Lithographs, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, India
2005   India Youth Art Exhibition, Waves Art Gallery, Pune, India

2015   ‘Refracting Rooms’ Pune International Artists’ residency, organised by KHOJ International artists association at TIFA Pune India.

Refracting Rooms : The Khoj International Workshop @ Pune

2008   Print Workshop for Zink itching prints conducted by Vishwambharam at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts – (state level), Pune (Maharashtra)
2007   National camp for upcoming Artists organized by Variation Group at Lalit Kala Acadamy – (National level) Chennai (Tamilnadu)
2007   Print Workshop for Viscosity prints conducted by Mrs. Sukla Potdar at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts – (state level), Pune (Maharashtra)
2005   All India Painting Camp organized by Kala Niketan, Ujjain (M.P.)
2004   National level student Painting Camp, organised by Bharat Bhavan Bhopal (M.P.)
2004   Lithography Camp, organized by M.P. Tourism dept. at Ratapani (M.P.)
2003   Creative Art Camp conducted by Dagmar Subrotova, organized by PUPRA (Pune and Prague artist collective) At NCL campus, Pune (Maharashtra)
2003   State level Landscape Camp organized by Mudra Niketan, Alibag (Maharashtra)

2014   ‘#Hyperreal_ident_ity’ is a social media Facebook based community art project, where Facebook account holder participate. This project aims to explore the coexistence Virtual and physical reality.
Mar 2015- Jul 2017   ‘Quilt Culture’ an ongoing community art project, where I have initiated a group of thirty quilter women, who belong to less-privileged economic background and marginalized castes. It is based in an urban village Kondhava, near Pune Maharashtra India. Being in the strong patriarchal, caste based Indian society and subsequent Socio-cultural suppression, the financial independence of women will lid to uplift their confidence and social positioning. Quilt Culture started with the aim of creating employment for these women by retaining the traditional art of quilting. These women are running this business successfully, with full ownership for more than two years now.

2015  Program Manager for ‘KHOJ Pune International Artist’s Residency, Pune, India

Refracting Rooms : The Khoj International Workshop @ Pune

Responsibilities-Fund raising, Press and Media Publicity, Communication with artists

2015  Project Coordinator ‘Body as Site: A Performance Art Workshop’ for Pune Biennale 2015, Pune, India
Responsibilities- Assisting artist Samudra Kajal Saikia in conducting the workshop, communicating with participants

2015  Project director of ‘Making and Reception’ a workshop on Theory and Visual Culture at Maharashtra Culture Centre, Pune India
Responsibilities- Conceptualizing and designing the workshop, communication with the facilitators and the participants

2014  Curator of ‘Swelling Surroundings’ an exhibition at Sudarshan Kaladalan, Pune India
Responsibilities- Conceptualizing the theme, selecting the artists, exhibition designing, Press and media publicity

2014   Curator of ‘Uprooting the Aboriginals’ A solo exhibition of paintings, installations by Snehal Kulkarni, an exhibition at Sudarshan Kaladalan, Pune
Responsibilities- Conceptualizing the theme, exhibition designing

2013 Project Coordinator of ‘Chitra Samvad’ a monthly art appreciation workshop which continued for a year at Maharashtra Culture Centre, Pune, India
Responsibilities- Inviting and communicating with speakers, social media publicity, Logistic management,

2013  Project Manager ‘Chitrabodh-2’ a three-day workshop exploring interdisciplinary fine arts influences on Visual Arts at Maharashtra Culture Centre, Pune, India
Responsibilities- Deciding orientation of the event and themes of the talks, Communication with the speakers and the participants

2013  Co-Curator of ‘Retrospective of Pune Art’ an exhibition organized with the support of Pune Biennale 2013, Pune India
Responsibilities- contribution to the conceptual framework of the exhibition, Exhibition design

Lecturer at K.K. Wagh College of Fine Arts, Nasik (College affiliated to Pune University)  (July 2008-Jun 2009) Sub: Ancient Civilizations, History of Indian Art (from Maurya period to Pre-colonial Period), Fundamentals of Arts Class: 1st & 2nd year B.F.A. (Painting)
Lecturer at Vishwakarma Creative-I college, Pune (College affiliated to Pune University)  (Feb 2012-Apr 2013) Sub: Ancient Civilizations, History of Indian Art (from Maurya period to Pre-colonial Period), Indian Aesthetics-(from early historical literature Indian Natyashastra, Kamasutra and so on), Western Aesthetics (Theory of Catharsis, Kant, Hegel) Class: 1st, 2nd, 3rd year B.F.A. (Painting)
Guest Faculty at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s college of fine Arts, Pune (College affiliated to Pune University) (for two academic years- Aug 2011-Jan 2012  &  Jun 2013-Feb 2014) Sub: Ancient Civilizations, History of Indian Art (from Maurya period to Pre-colonial Period), Fundamentals of Arts, Modern and Contemporary Art (in India and West) Class: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th year B.F.A. (Painting)
Guest Faculty at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune  (Jun 2013-Apr 2017) Sub: Introduction to History of Art & Design, Modern Western Art (adaptation of several isms in Advertisement), Introduction to Oriental painting)  Class: 1st and 2nd year of Bachelor of Design (B.Des)
Guest Faculty at MIT Institute of Design, Pune (Nov 2014) Sub: Art Appreciation  Class: Undergraduate semester three
Guest Faculty at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, Pune (Feb-Mar 2014) Sub: Art Appreciation, Class: Third year B.(Arch) External Jury for Theory of Design (Mar 2014)
Guest Faculty at MIT Institute of Design, Pune (Nov 2014) Sub: Art Appreciation  Class: Undergraduate semester three

2013  Regional Researcher for the Bibliography Project initiated by Asia Art Archives a Hong Kong based research Organization. During this grant period, I worked on ‘Writings on modern and contemporary art from Maharashtra in 20th Century in Marathi Hindi and English’. The compilation of the curated bibliography is available on:
2013    Paper presentation on ‘an ontological survey of artist’s writings in Roop-bheda 1957-77 at the Colloquium ‘Locating Art Histories: Dialogues on Language, writings and research in India’ organized by Asia Art Archives and India Foundation for Arts

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