PARTICIPANT / Reka Gottlieb

  • Name Reka Gottlieb
  • Country Hungary
  • Vocation Artist
  • Education Not Available

I graduated as a craftsman and artisan in fashion and accessory design specialization in Budapest, Hungary. During my studies I made several studies for forms: I worked with structures that were transformed by alternative materials and textiles. I taught my strength is to design in spatial systems therefore I often experimented with intelligent structures which were able to be varied or constructed. I am really amazed by the interaction between these tricky structures and the human body. To my mind these structures predominates well as accessories on human body cause of small scale in contrast of heavy experimental object clothes. Within my work I create modern organic shapes by using of traditional technics like weaving and crochet. These handmade techniques were studied in my childhood and were reinterpreted later to 21th century’s design due to unconventional material using and shaping. I can generate totally new and different forms by changing of tiny parameters. My goal is to design contemporary jewelry with value of art. I would like to bring up art to people by wearing of accessories without the museums’ sterility. Accessories mean freedom for me. They are timeless because they are not necessarily seasonal like fashion. Accessories make you independent because you can wear it in any age or with different appearance. Contemporary jewelry is wearable art.

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