PARTICIPANT / Paulami RoyChoudhury

  • Name Paulami RoyChoudhury
  • Country India
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

As a designer, I like to work with mission-based organisations.

In the past 5+ years, I have worked on a range of applications in the education, travel and compliance management sector with both startups and multinationals. I have been a founding designer of early-stage startups and also collaborated with bigger cross-continent teams. And while I am proud of all my work, the products and teams I enjoyed most had design embedded in its culture, not just process.

I am interested in making products that are inclusive and can help the masses. I have worked extensively on products for emerging markets like Latin America and South-East Asia, focusing on multi-language localisation and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Currently, I am on a break from full-time work and tinkering with open data, code and technology at ITP, New York University, New York.

When not designing, I moonlight as a design educator and coach students transitioning to design as a full-time career.

In my spare time, I like to chat about the lack of critical thinking in our education system, think of alternatives approaches to education, politics of food and permaculture. I formally studied painting and printmaking (you can see some of my old work here). But a series of adventures led me to design.

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