PARTICIPANT / painterhussain

  • Name painterhussain
  • Country India
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

Date of birth: 18th. January 1969
Mumbai – INDIA
Self taught artist
Solo Shows
Art Plaza Art Gallery 2001
Artland Art Gallery 2004
Group Shows
Art Plaza Art Gallery 1999
Artist Center 2004
Hotel Intercontinental Delhi 2004
Hotel Ashoka international Delhi 2004
Artland Art Gallery 2004
Life member of Art Society of India
Life member of Kala Ghoda Association
At Cape Gemini Co. 3 Painting demonstrations 2005
At Khiroda School of Arts 2006
At Kala Ghoda Pavement Art Gallery regular painting demo’s at regular intervals
Kala Ghoda Art Fair 2000,2004,2006
Mural painting in association with a Canadian artist for mentally retarded children’s 2006
Narmada Bachao Andolan with Open Circle (NGO) 2006
Kids painting workshop at Kala Ghoda Pavement Art Gallery 2006
Making artworks and murals for destitute and bonded children’s 2006
Collection In India
ACC Cement
Bowrings Fine Art Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd.
Enam Securities pvt. Ltd.
Lotus Investments & Securities
Hydrogas India
Bank of Rajasthan
Hikal Ltd.
Ventures India
Collection In Abroad
USA , New York , Sweden , France ,Singapore , Spain ,
Hamburg , Canada , Paris , New York , London etc.