PARTICIPANT / Manojit Samanta

  • Name Manojit Samanta

Manojit Samanta completed his B.F.A degree From Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship in 2012 & completed M.V.A  from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, and West Bengal in 2014.  Crowds of citizens, hectic local train journeys at the commencing and end of office hours, the suffocating metro compartments, the neighborhood political gatherings at the party-office, quarrels overheard from the adjacent building, bags of fish freshly bought from the morning market, queuing at the butcher’s meat shop, lover’s kiss at the park, the long-awaited office lunch-break, anxiety concerning one’s artwork sales, freshly fried street foods, the dreading of hair-fall and obesity, the separation of each month’s salary into parts for savings and expenditures, and so on — each of these instants concern everyone in one way or another. Events such as these constitute the daily lives of individuals in a middle class society. Therefore, they make an appearance in Manojit’s paintings depicting the present times. The key content of Manojit’s paintings represent the present time period. He strive to feature, through bringing a certain uniqueness in his painting, whatsoever daily life narrations he have observed in his urban societal surroundings.  

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