PARTICIPANT / Mahesh Shantaram

  • Name Mahesh Shantaram
  • Country India

Mahesh Shantaram is an independent documentary photographer from Bangalore. His main area of interest lies in visual representations of modern India. He celebrates the everyday, the mundane, the leftovers when all the exotic has been consumed or left to dry. Adopting a contemporary style of art-documentary photography, Shantaram pursues self-assigned ideas that explore urbanity and its consequences, with a special focus on the phenomenon that is Bangalore. His keen interest in aspects of society, economics, and technology, where it concerns digital photography, leads him to take the debates forward in those areas through activities such as writing, researching, and mentorship. Consequently, his projects involve the personalisation of public spaces at airports (Airtime) and taking a look at the mess that people leave behind at weddings (Matrimania).

Associated Programmes