PARTICIPANT / Lawrence Liang

  • Name Lawrence Liang
  • Country India
  • Vocation Not Available
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Lawrence Liang is a lawyer and founder of the Alternative Law Forum. He works on the intersection of law and cultural politics. His work on Intellectual Property looks at how the digital turn has accelerated conflicts over questions of authorship, ownership and circulation in the cultural domain. His interest in free software and media piracy led him to looking at how these practices define contemporary culture. Liang has been involved in a number of anti censorship cases and campaigns. He has also written on the hidden aesthetics of law and justice. Currently finishing a book on Law, Justice and Cinema in India, Liang has also shown as an artist in Manifesta, and in collaboration with CAMP and OXDB is one of the initiators of PAD.MA (Public Access Digital Media Archive)

He is a co-founder of the Alternative Law Forum and by 2006 had emerged as a spokesperson against the politics of “intellectual property”. In 2017, he received the Infosys Prize for Social Sciences in recognition of his creative scholarship on law and society.

Liang’s key areas of interest are law, popular culture and content piracy. He has been working closely with Sarai, New Delhi on a joint research project Intellectual Property and the Knowledge/Culture Commons. Liang is a “keen follower of the open source movement in software”, Lawrence Liang has been working on ways of translating the open source ideas into the cultural domain.Segments of an interview with Liang commenting extensively on copyright and culture are featured in Steal This Film (Two).

Liang is author of Sex, laws and Videotape: The Public is watching and Guide to open content licenses, published by the Piet Zwart Institute in 2004.

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