PARTICIPANT / Kusum Dhar Prabhu

  • Name Kusum Dhar Prabhu
  • Country India
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

Dr Kusum Dhar Prabhu is a graduate of the Jung Institute in Zurich and a practicing Jungian psychoanalyst based in Bangalore. She is Founding Director of the Jung Center Bangalore as well as President of the All India Association of Analytical Psychology. Art, dreams, myth and nature are essential elements in her work with individuals. At a collective level, The Jung Center has been actively engaged in research on the ‘cultural complex’ as it manifests in individuals and groups. Over the last decade, it has facilitated programs that bring the insights of archetypal psychology to areas as diverse as psychotherapy, art, religious history and behavior. She has contributed a chapter on Bangalore in Psyche and the City: A Soul’s guide to the Metropolis.

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