PARTICIPANT / Amitesh Grover

  • Name Amitesh Grover
  • Country India
  • Vocation Artist
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Amitesh Grover is a time-based artist. He is a director, perfomance-maker, inter-media artist and a gamer. Having completed his MA (Digital Theatre) from University of Arts London (2006), he investigates overlaps between performance, digital technologies, game design and public intervention. He works across disciplines and cultures and evolves his work through a collaborative process. His interventions range from multimedia creativity (fluxing live, recorded and digital arts) to site-specific work, game-making and installations.
He has created 15 Performances & Multiple-Media Installations, which have taken a total of 125 showings across 11 countries so far. His work has been showcased in Germany, Australia, United States, Switzerland, England, Mexico, China, Philippines, Romania, Pakistan, Oman and India.
His recent works include Gnomonicity – interactive digital installation, built upon security camera web-streams and the viewer’s presence, Tenderness – an incendiary play on the contemporary teenage mind and Social Gaming – an instructions-based internet event between multiple countries.
He also contributes to contemporary theatre discourse through workshops, talks and articles. Among others, he has contributed to Art & The City Journal (Goethe Institut, 2010) and Our Theatre: Pleasures & Perils of Theatre Practice in India (LeftWord Press, 2009).
At present, he holds the post of Assistant Professor at National School of Drama, India and is an independent artist based in New Delhi, India.

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