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MA in Screen Studies at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

The Screen Studies program at Srishti is the first of its kind in India; it provides a theoretical, and art and design framework within which to respond to a time of rapid transformation in art, society and technology, when artists, media practitioners, designers and critical thinkers are grappling with digitization and convergences between traditional screen-based media (film, television, video, and photography) and the stream of social and other media forms arising out of today’s networked and screen based technologies. When screens are everywhere, how we read, interact and communicate through them is fundamental to the practice of literacy and artistic expression in the 21st century.

The Screen Studies curriculum is informed by disciplines such as media studies, visual culture and the digital humanities, providing students with the opportunity to bridge humanities and studio learning in ways befitting the interdisciplinary character of today’s work places, scholarship, and art and design practices. Screen Studies at Srishti equips students with the flexible, collaborative and creative thinking and making skills relevant to the contemporary moment in fields as diverse as but not limited to the creative arts and technology sectors, doctoral study and research, design and the visual arts.


Deadline : June 3rd

For more information see here or email aileen.blaney@srishti.ac.in