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On ‘Urban Farming’


For the last several years, Khoj has actively been pursuing projects that examine and explore the intersections of public space, urbanism, ecology and the social narratives that are intertwined into each of these. Through a variety of intervention and research projects, a focus on the politics of food and the politics of growing has emerged- in both international and national, urban and rural contexts. In pursuit of further exploring this expansive topic, Khoj has invited a group of artists and practitioners to come together to form the core group of the Negotiating Food (working title) project. This residency, which has grown out of programs such as Negotiating Routes and Art & Food Residencies, will be a long-term, experimental project that allows artists to work both independently and collectively. The notion is that each participating artist has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience over their years of experience working in this field- a knowledge which deserves to be shared, documented and expanded upon. Thus, alongside independent projects, Negotiating Food will also give space for the participants to regularly gather, and use Khoj as a hub for exchange and extended communication.   The project will be broken into three tentative phases- research, implementation and presentation, which shall unfold over a period of one year.  While ‘food’ is the nucleus  from which each conversation grows, the initial project ideas have already delved into the relative economics, politics, ecological factors and social factors that are implicit in the growing, production, transportation, preparation, consumption and disposal of food.

In the time between each group exchange, this blog will serve as the portal of communication and all are invited to share, debate and ruminate.