Blog / Food Edition III

Mona Gandhi



Mona lives in Bombay & goes where her work takes her. Her inquiry into food –natural & industrial– deepens her engagement with local & sustainable food systems. Through the world of raw, plant-based foods, she explores connections between people & the planet. She participates in community experiments across geography & culture. Her lived experience is a synthesis of practices such as community greening, non-violent communication, body & intimacy & gift-culture – in which value is built by paying forward acts of generosity.

For Gandhi, interconnectedness of the body and the earth are central to the art practice- so much of her current work is stemming from experiences and interactions that are embodied while living in the Khirkee neighborhood.  Gandhi will be continuing her earlier investigations into community food culture through a series of interventions and collective ‘uncooking’ sessions, through her time at Khoj. Her work employs the communal aspect of food to evolve behaviour towards a mutually supportive food culture.

Gandhi will also offer a participative performance piece involving an experience evocative of being part of the living earth, as trees are, through their underground root systems. She is currently looking into the history of land in and around Khoj and hope to arrive at a spot of earth that reflects the concerns raised by her practice at large.