In 2002, Khoj acquired a building in Khirki village, south Delhi, anchoring an erstwhile tentative, fluid entity into brick and mortar. An urban village established in the 13th Century, Khirki is known for its beautiful Masjid (mosque) built in 1380 AD. Juxtaposed against this historic landmark, the vibrancy of urban Delhi spills through the labyrinthine streets of Khirki, and onto our doorstep.

In 2012, the Khoj building underwent a renovation process that reflected the organization’s forward-thinking vision. By expanding its spaces for artists and the public alike, the Khoj facilities have been updated to accommodate more audiences, programs, and possibilities while keeping the essence of the space intact.

The Khoj building now includes exhibition spaces, artists’ studios, residents’ accommodation, a reference library, a media lab, a public cafe, an open-air terrace and an additional multi-purpose space that can be used for film screenings and presentations.


Khoj offers 3 rooms (2 double, 1 single) with a fully functioning, spacious kitchenette and lounge as a shared space for guests, leading to a cool enclosed courtyard surrounded on all sides by independent studio facilities. Our guest rooms are fully furnished with comfortable beds and storage space, and each has a attached bathroom. Each double bedroom is approximately 140 sq. ft. and the single room is approximately 70 sq. ft in size.

Shared facilities include water-purification system, stove, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle and washing machines and a comfortable lounge seating area. There is also a separate common toilet on site for visitors.

The residency space is wi-fi enabled.


The studios double as a gallery and a viewing space for film screenings, artists presentations.

Residencies at Khoj are between 4-6 weeks. During this period, the residency participants have access to Studio facilities and equipment at Khoj. There are five well ventilated studios for artists. All studios are wi-fi enabled.

We are able to provide only basic tools as hammers, saws, cutters, drill machine, screwdrivers. These are to be shared by the artists.


The office supports a library of artists catalogs, books and CD’s with a special focus on artists from India, South Asia (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and Asia. The books are available to browse, on request from the program team.

Our in-house Media Lab houses digital media-based equipment to facilitate digital photography, design, digital video editing, sound recording and mixing.


Khoj offers a large sunlit project space with multimedia facilities than can be used for filmscreenings, workshops, seminars and exhibitions. It is located on the first floor, adjoining the library and near the in-house café at Khoj.


The Khoj building has a spacious and serene open terrace on the roof-top, that overlooks the Khirkee Masjid in the distance, and offers a beautiful view of the bustling neighborhood below.

The terrace is regularly used for filmscreenings, exhibitions, talks and other events and can also be used by resident artists for their projects.  The terrace is enabled with electrical connections and is within wi-fi connectivity.


Through out the year, Khoj hosts various programmes including residencies, seminars, exhibitions and talks. It strives to be a creative space for dynamic thinkers and creators.

When not in use through in-house programmes, Khoj facilities are available for rent at affordable rates to individuals and organizations. The proceeds raised through the rental of Khoj spaces goes towards supporting our programs. For more information, please download our brochure.