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Deep Time – Exhibition


Opening on Friday, October 4th

 Exhibition continues to Saturday, October 13th 2013, 6:30 pm

“Once a certain idea of landscape, a myth, a vision, establishes itself in an actual place, it has

a peculiar way of muddling categories, of making metaphors more real than their referents; of

becoming in fact, part of the scenery.” ~ Simon Schama

 Deep Time is Devasher’s third solo show and the first to preview at the KHOJ Studios. Drawing on research and fieldwork that began three years ago, Deep Time is part of an ongoing project that looks to map common points between astronomy and art practice, through the lens of metaphor. The works in the show, Monographed Geographies, Parts Unknown, Surface Tracking and Reading into the Stars are explorations of strange terrains where myth and fiction blur the boundaries of what is real and imagined.

Devasher’s artistic practice explores processes of emergence in biological and physical systems. She works in a variety of media including large site specific drawings, video, digital prints, and sound. The exhibition at KHOJ is a preview of the artist’s solo show at Project 88, Mumbai which opens on November 29, 2013.