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Chan-Kyong Park: The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Awardee 2017!


Born in 1965. Lives and works in Seoul
Park Chan-kyong is an artist and a filmmaker based in Seoul. His subjects have extended from the Cold War to traditional Korean religious culture, from ‘media -oriented memory’ to ‘regional utopian imaginations.’ He is currently working as an artistic director of ‘MediaCity Seoul 2014’(International Media Art Biennale). He has produced media based works such as Sets (2000), Power Passage(2004), Flying(2005), Sindoan(2008), Radiance(2010), Anyang Paradise City(2011), Night Fishing(2011, co-directed with Park Chan-wook) and Manshin(2013).His works have been exhibited in international venues, such as Gwangju Biennale in Korea, De Appel in Amsterdam, RedCat Gallery in Los Angeles, Kunstverein in Frankfurt and many others. He has won various prizes including Hermès Korea Misulsang(2004), Golden Bear Prize for short films of the Berlin International Film Festival(2011) and Best Korean Film of the Jeonju Internation Film Festival(2011).

During his residency at the Bellagio Centre, Park intends to develop a multi-media art work around the poem Colossal Roots, written by poet Kim Su-Young in 1964. His interest  is  initiated by investigating how this very specific Korean poem, which could be difficult for non Koreans to understand, possibly transforms itself into something universal and international. This project and the poem within itself share this common interest as a core subject matter. Derived from the expanded interpretation of Colossal Roots, this project investigates the contemporary memory about Korean tradition of pre-modern era.