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Announcing Residents for Coriolis Effect Ed. III

Khoj is very pleased to announce the residents for Coriolis Effect Ed. III: Migration, Memory and the Current Moment. The third edition of the Coriolis Effect residency represents a progression of the concerns that have shaped the ongoing Coriolis Effect project. Having focused in the first two editions on exchange between India and Africa, particularly in Khoj’s neighbourhood of Khirkee, this third edition widens and re-intensifies the scope of the project, taking as its thematic the Indian Ocean world. The residents for this edition of the programme will be:

Nidhi Mahajan is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of California, Santa Cruz. She received her PhD in Anthropology at Cornell University and was a Mellon Sawyer Seminar Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Humanities at Tufts University in 2016-2017. Her research has been funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation, an ACLS/Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship, and an SSRC Transregional Junior Scholar Fellowship.

Nyambura M. Waruingi is a filmmaker and curator currently living in Nairobi. She works on film, television, and visual arts projects in Kenya, Uganda, and Canada. Her most recent curatorial project, Crossings & Moorings, is an immersive exhibition series exploring transmission and transformation of identities across geography and time, focusing on the cultures of the Indian Ocean. Her filmmaking experience greatly influences her exhibition-making with conventions of documentary cinema and experimental sound design. As a curator, Nyambura is driven to document and tell stories that capture the ordinary moments, which create larger cultural and historical narratives. She is currently assisting artist-curator Zihan Kassam with the exhibition, Remote: Yearning of the Dispossessed.

Sarover Zaidi is a social anthropologist. She has worked extensively on the religious architecture of the Jews, Muslims and Christians in the port cities of Bombay and Kochi. She has previously worked in rural public health, across India, and is currently working on iconography in Islamic contexts and modernism in architecture in South Asia. She also teaches intermittently at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and curates the forum Elementary forms and the city.

Artist and writer Shubigi Rao’s interests include archaeology and neuroscience, libraries and archival systems, histories and lies, literature and violence, migratory patterns and global geopolitics, and ecologies and natural history. She is currently visiting extant and extinct public and private libraries and archives globally for ‘Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book‘, a decade-long film, book, and art project about the history of book destruction and the subjugation of peoples. Publications include Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book, Vol. I of V (2016), History’s Malcontents: The Life and Times of S. Raoul (2013). She was featured in the 10th Taipei Biennial (2016), 3rd Pune Biennale (2017), and 2nd Singapore Biennale (2008), and the Singapore Writers Festival (2016, 2013). She lectures part-time in art theory, art history, and dissertation writing for undergraduate and graduate studies at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, where she obtained her MFA (First Class), and BFA (First Class). She also holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature from Delhi University, India.

Following the course of a submarine fibre optic cable linking Western Europe to South East Asia, Virgile Fraisse’s project SEA-ME-WE investigates power structures at stake behind communication systems. Through pieces and researches the proposition for KHOJ-Coriolis Effect is an attempt on a crossover History between telecommunication and migration on Indian Ocean since XIXs century colonial telegraphy up to current new empires. Virgile Fraisse (Paris, 1990) lives and works in Paris. He studied at Otis College (Los Angeles, MFA) and is graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris with jury honors (MFA, 2014). Recent exhibitions include SEA-ME-WE, Clark House Initiative (IN), Hors Pistes Traversées, Centre Pompidou (FR); Hotel Europa, Art Vilnius (LT); Tarmac, Palais de Tokyo (FR); Instatata, Kunsthal Aarhus (DK); Wicked Problem, Triangle France (FR); LOOP Festival Discovery Award (SP). Virgile Fraisse will be part of the Karachi Biennale next October.