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Announcing (KHOJ)50 Fundraising Campaign!



In 1997 Khoj International Artists’ Association started as an idea, a space for artists supported by artists. By 2015, it stands transformed as a globally recognised institution. A creative hub and experimental laboratory for artists. A site that connects practitioners, builds networks and catalyzes interdisciplinary collaboration. A philosophy that inspires audiences to engage critically with the arts. A centre that offers unmatched institutional infrastructure for the making, exhibition and research of contemporary art. A place that has consistently defined and re-defined the contemporary art scene in India.

As (Khoj)50 continues to create a unique legacy for the future of contemporary art in India, it invites 50 special patrons to power its development, growth and longevity. (Khoj)50 turns the spotlight back onto the original idea that people make Khoj everything it is. Today we are asking you for a donation of INR 100 000 that will go towards securing the future for artists and art making in India.



Detail for donation  click here