Blog / Negotiating Food

A on-off investigation of Food/Farm/Farmers in Delhi > Paris:

Since long, i have been trying to maintain a regular blog on food and related issues. The process which started with the Aulinjaa project, prompted me to initiate a blog for inquiring the urban context of the same. But its difficult to come-by, especially the nature of irregular art practice i have. Doing graphic design for running the bread & butter and filling up the mind in free time, the process to project it gets delayed and delayed. Anyways, below is a link to:, where i have been uploading my random findings over the course of last one year. Here one can find many links and visits to food points in delhi and also documentation of some personal narratives of people who have traversed the rural urban divide.

The scope of this inquiry is now even more enlarged by my being in Paris. Its here one feels more acute needs to inquire this migration, the transformation of a farmer to a consumer, of a self-sustained unit to a plethora of dependencies.